Upload, Transcribe, Generate

A transcription operating system for podcasters, allowing you to reinvest
the time saved into research, creativity, and optimization for better end results.
Made for Podcasters

Repurpose Podcasts In Seconds and Expand Your Reach.

Podcast to Summary

Summarizes podcasts into concise text, capturing key ideas, insights and quotes.

Podcast to Blog/Article

Long-form articles from podcasts.
Formatted for blogs, SEO-ready to publish.

Podcast to Newsletter

Formats as email newsletters with
summaries, quotes, and calls-to-action.

Podcast to Social Media Snippet

Transform into engaging social media snippets, capturing key quotes and insights to drive audience engagement.

Summarize Guest Bio

AI summarizes guest bios from podcasts into concise, branded intros for social media posts and show notes.

Podcast to Key Quotes

AI identifies and extracts the most impactful quotes from podcasts, ready to share as engaging social media posts.

Podcast to Shownotes

Transcribes podcasts, extract key points into SEO-optimized show notes for better discoverability and engagement.

Podcast to FAQ

AI analyzes podcast content, extracting key questions and insights to create comprehensive, audience-focused FAQs.

Podcast Translations

AI transcribes and translates podcasts into multiple languages, opening new global audiences effortlessly.

All-in-one TranscriptionOS

Not only, you can use Glyph to repurpose podcasts, but you can also use it to
transcribe your meetings, sponsorship calls, and interviews for recruitment.
Never take notes again. It can extract  actionable notes and insights instantly.

Expand Your Reach

A transcription operating system for everyone so you can reinvest the time you
save back into growth, research and creativity,  for better end results.