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Capture Every Detail in Meetings, Interviews, and Sales Calls.
Just One Click for Instant, Workflow-Specific Notes and Summarizations.
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Non-Intrusive Bot

Capture Every
Detail Effortlessly

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, ensuring no important detail is ever missed, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - the conversation.
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Automatic Transcription

Glyph uses best-in-class transcription engines, delivering high-rate transcription accuracy. Process unlimited meetings in parallel.
Glyph Batch Transcription

Intelligent Summarization

Use industry-specific templates to tailor the transcription and summarization process, ensuring the output meets your unique needs and standards.

Ask Glyph

Ask questions about the meeting, project updates or interviews. Get instant answers and insights without manually going through hours of transcript.

Use Cases

Save countless hours of manual work. What used to take days now takes minutes


Identify key themes and insights from meetings, ensuring that all critical points are documented and easily accessible.

Sales Team

Identify key quotes, objections, and customer needs across multiple conversations. Enable the sales team to refine their pitch and improve their strategies.


Efficiently process candidate interviews and feedback sessions. Identify common themes and qualifications to streamline the hiring process.


Transcribe and analyze research interviews and focus group discussions. Quickly document interactions and identify trends in feedback.


Transcribe and analyze workshops, training sessions, and academic conferences. Extract key learning points and share with the teams.

Industry Specific Workflows

From construction management to legal to healthcare, our AI Meeting Recorder supports multi-industry needs with specific notes extraction.

Easily Share with Teams

Generate a unique and secured link to be shared across team
collaboration tools or email. Make Informed, Decisions Fasters.
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Pay As You Go

For individuals getting started with
AI powered solutions
60 Minutes Transcription
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Transcribe 60 minutes of audio or video. Only pay for what you use
Voice to Text Module
70+ AI Note Template
Speaker Detection and Timestamps
Easy Share
File Management
Export PDF and VTT

Standard Plan

For professionals or teams to maximize output, integrating AI into their daily routines
1200 Minutes of Transcriptions
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Transcribe 1200 minutes of audio or
video files per month.
Meeting Recorder
Voice to Text Module
Unlimited AI Chatbot
Longer Recording ( 10 Hours )
70+ AI Note Template
Speaker Detection and Timestamps
Easy Share
File Management
Export PDF and VTT
Priority Support
Mobile Access (Coming Soon)

Enterprise plan

For teams who need more security, admin control, compliance and support
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Organization-wide deployment
User and Role Management
Custom Vocabulary
Custom Integrations
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
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12 Powerful Features

Longer voice notes, file uploads, an advanced AI assistant, various tools, and numerous additional features.

Longer Voice Recording


70+ AI Notes Templates


AI Assistant to Extract Insights


Easy Sharing


Automated Time-Stamps


Speaker Identification


PDF Exports


VTT Exports


Files Management


Screen Recording 


IOS/Android (Coming Soon)


Workspace/Team (Coming Soon)


GDPR First Approach

All your data encrypted, protected and stored according to EU laws. Glyph is also fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), ensuring that our customers' personal data is securely handled and protected.
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