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Transcription Platform

With Glyph, you can transcribe audio and video at scale, extract key insights, and  summarize your meetings, interviews, research, and more instantly
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Glyph AI Dashboard

Work Faster, Smarter, Better

Automate note-taking and get human-level meeting summaries
AI Screen Recorder

Non-Intrusive Bot

Record your meeting or interview seamlessly in the background, capturing every detail without disrupting the flow.
Dashboard mockup

Transcribe Instantly

Glyph AI perfectly captures everything
discussed in these meetings, interview and
more so you can focus on the conversation.
Glyph AI Transcription Module

Extract Insights and Notes

Automatically capture and generate actionable notes, key discussions and summaries. Over 50+ Prompts to Generate Structured Notes
Glyph AI Ready Made Prompts

Instant Sharing

Generate a unique and secured link to be shared across team collaboration tools or email. Keep your team informed.
Glyph AI Sharing LInk

AI-Assisted Chatbot

Leverage AI to find details, draft emails, and repurpose it all
Glyph Chatbot

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is there a free trial available?
Sure, you can start with us for free with a 5-minute free credit as soon as you've completed the sign up process.
What is an AI-Assisted Transcription Tool?
Our AI-assistant uses advanced algorithms and large language models to streamline the businesses workflow . It can transcribes recordings, and provides insights, action list, summaries, reports and more to help professionals make informed and faster decisions.
How accurate is the AI transcription?
We use state-of-the-art transcription models with the accuracy rate of 99.5%. Trained on over 1.1M of Voice Data.
How does the AI handle different accents and dialects?
Our AI is trained on diverse datasets, enabling it to understand and transcribe a wide range of accents and dialects effectively.
Is our data secure with this tool?
Yes, Glyph AI is GDPR compliant and SOC-2 Type-2 (pending), which is the industry standard for security, reliability and privacy. We encrypt all your meeting data during transit and store it securely on Microsoft Azure. You are the sole person with access to your meeting data and have the freedom to delete it at any time.
Who has access to my recordings?
All recordings created with Glyph AI are 100% private. They can only be seen if you share your recordings or highlights with others.
Will people be uncomfortable with recording calls?
If you've not recorded calls before we've found that you're much more likely to worry about this than your attendees ever will. In fact, inside of certain roles like Sales & Customer Success already over 90% of calls are recorded (with the exceptions typically being sensitive legal or enterprise sales).

We're also seen that over 50% of attendees would like access to the call recording, so rather than be worried they'll be excited that you're recording the call for their benefit as well. Finally, if at any time your attendees are uncomfortable, Glyph AI gives you a way to pause recording or delete the recording

Your Multi-Purposed TranscriptionOS
for Business Workflows

Glyph records, transcribes, highlights, and actionable detailed notes your meetings,
interview and more so you can focus on the conversation. Get setup in minutes.
Join over hundreds companies improving their workflow with Glyph AI.
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