AI Notetaker for Sales Professionals

Transcribe Sale Calls and receive neatly structured AI notes, highlighting pain points, concerns, budget and next steps. Receive insights on your performance and
areas for improvement.
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Record or Upload

Non-Intrusive Bot

Glyph AI supports every meeting platform with absolutely no bots joining your calls. Get accurate, written records of your conversations right away
Call Recording for Sales Team

AI-Organized Notes

AI-powered identification of key themes, customer insights, and patterns for quick analysis
with customizable prompt input.
AI Notes for Sales Team - Glyph AI

Ask Question

Interact with the AI to get quick answers about your call content - "What objections did the client raise?"
"What were the agreed-upon next steps?"
AI Assistant for Sales Team - Glyph

Get AI Feedback

Receive insights on your performance and areas for improvement. Analyze your talking speed, filler word usage, and question-asking frequency.
AI Sales Coach - Glyph AI
Virtual or In-Person

Meeting on The Go

Record, transcribe, summarize, and search meetings with the Glyph mobile app. Access all the files on the PC instantly.
Sales Recording App

Workflow Specific Prompts

Automates the mundane, giving you time to focus on high‑impact decisions


Extract the key information and reorganize it into the MeDDIC framework format.


Extract the Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline information from your sales calls

Competitor Mentions

Extract competitor mentions and product comparisons by the customer.

Extract Customer Concerns

Extract client concerns, outlining steps taken or proposed solutions to address issues effectively.


Structured Raw Notes that summarize each question asked and each answer by clients.

30+ More

With AI note templates for project kick-offs, client onboarding, demo sessions, and more.

Easily Share with Teams

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Pay As You Go

For individuals getting started with
AI powered solutions
60 Minutes Transcription
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Transcribe 60 minutes of audio or video. Only pay for what you use
Voice to Text Module
70+ AI Note Template
Speaker Detection and Timestamps
Easy Share
File Management
Export PDF and VTT

Standard Plan

For professionals or teams to maximize output, integrating AI into their daily routines
1200 Minutes of Transcriptions
Start Free Trial
Transcribe 1200 minutes of audio or
video files per month.
Meeting Recorder
Voice to Text Module
Unlimited AI Chatbot
Longer Recording ( 10 Hours )
70+ AI Note Template
Speaker Detection and Timestamps
Easy Share
File Management
Export PDF and VTT
Priority Support
Mobile Access (Coming Soon)

Enterprise plan

For teams who need more security, admin control, compliance and support
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Organization-wide deployment
User and Role Management
Custom Vocabulary
Custom Integrations
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
SLA Agreement

12 Powerful Features

Longer voice notes, file uploads, an advanced AI assistant, various tools, and numerous additional features.

Longer Voice Recording


70+ AI Notes Templates


AI Assistant to Extract Insights


Easy Sharing


Automated Time-Stamps


Speaker Identification


PDF Exports


VTT Exports


Files Management


Screen Recording 


IOS/Android (Coming Soon)


Workspace/Team (Coming Soon)


GDPR First Approach

All your data encrypted, protected and stored according to EU laws. Glyph is also fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), ensuring that our customers' personal data is securely handled and protected.
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