Batch Transcription with AI

Process a month's worth of interviews, research or meetings in a single afternoon,
freeing up your time for high-value analysis and decision-making.
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Features Overview

Build AI Workflows with highimpact actions

Whether extracting crucial information from audio, highlighting user pain points, identifying common issues, or documenting patient interactions for medical records, our AI Actions offer peace of mind and powerful insights all day long.
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Automate Data Extraction at Scale

AI-powered identification of key themes, sentiments, and patterns for quick analysis
with customizable prompt input.
Glyph Batch Transcription

Human-Level Accuracy

98.5% transcription accuracy using advanced AI models with One-click export of analyzed data to CSV format.

Bulk Processing

Upload and process multiple files simultaneously, up to 10 hours or 5 GB per file. Support for over 30 audio and video formats.

Use Cases

: Save countless hours of manual work. What used to take days now takes minutes


Efficiently process and analyze job interviews. Identify common themes in employee feedback sessions. Streamline the creation of interview summaries and reports


Quickly transcribe and analyze long interviews. Identify key quotes and themes across multiple sources. Meet tight deadlines with faster content processing

Product Managers

Quickly identify and prioritize user needs from vast amounts of feedback. Result in more user-centric product development. Track feature requests and pain points over time


Transcribe and analyze patient interviews for research purposes. Quickly document patient interactions for medical records. Identify trends in patient feedback to improve care quality

Legal Professional

Rapidly search and analyze large volumes of recorded testimony. Find crucial information that could make or break your case. Prepare for depositions and trials more effectively

Call Centers

Analyze call center recordings to identify common issues. Improve training by identifying successful problem-solving strategies. Track customer sentiment over time

Easily Share with Teams

Generate a unique and secured link to be shared across team
collaboration tools or email. Make Informed, Decisions Fasters.
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